Saturday's Run Round The Park

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Ok, it was a BIG BIG dog and it looked like a lion!

I went round the park 4 times today... I got up late, got to the park late and I have so much to do today. I coud have gone round one more time but I had to get my eyebrows done (YESSS!!! They look really good I am so happy!)

My friends, F and Miss E were at the park too... I just wanted to say a Special WELL DONE to F... she keeps improving each week! You better register for a 5k race with me o!

I won't wash my hair today because I plan on doing another long run tomorrow (Like Vickii has planned to do). I'll wash it tomorrow evening...

So I'm going to take a quick shower, then Runner's Need in Holborn to look for new running shoes then ofcourse... MY MUMMY!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

P.S. My head feels much better thank you :-)


Onada said...

I woke up at 6am to go running to!i'm proud of myself! i will try to go tomorrow also but we'll see :)

OH AND IM FIRST!!!!!!!!!!

Vickii said...

well done Onada! Lollll Buki at your lion in the park, I remember you don't like dogs!

I am jealous oh! I won't be running for a while, maybe a week, maybe more. The doctor wants me to do some scan (pretty routine) and I told my mum who is also a doctor but firstly a very panicky mum and she has banned me from running until I do the test ... I'm so upset! I have to walk instead! I went walking today and I'll go tomorrow but trust me when I say it's not the same! Normally, I'd be on a high now after having a run in the morning but now, no high! I'll try not to hate on you guys!

Yay for your eyebrows and hope your mum is good!

ijeoma obu iheoma said...

i wish i could wake up to go running.

LondonBuki said...

@Vickii It's true, I was not wearing glasses, so it looked like a lion! LOL!!!
As long as you're listening to your Mummy, a week or two should not doing you any harm.
I hope everything is ok...
Maybe you can look for the steepest hill and walk fast up and down it...?Take it easy...
I am so happy about my eyebrows :-)
Mummy is well thank you.
@Ijeoma LOL! I know I coulda said that this time last year!
You CAN!

LondonBuki said...

@Onada How's it going with the running? How long do you run for?
I got my new Asics running shoes yesterday and I have to go back next week to get a GOOD sports bra... there is nothing like too much support.

dolly said...

Wish I could go running too.....I've been very lazy


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