5k Race For Life 2007

Saturday, July 21, 2007


1. IT IS NOT BY FORCE TO RUN ESPECIALLY WHEN I AM NOT WELL! Am I not the same person who "advices" people not to run when they are not feeling 100%. Am I She-Ra? *Hissss*


I met Calabar Gal and her Running Partner... Calabar Gal looks like a fit lady o... :-)

I knew I wasn't feeling too good and kept on saying I should be okay but I was a little worried.
The race started ok... the first 2kms were slower than we wanted because we had to make our way round people and sometimes we were forced to run slower than we wanted to. When we ran past the 3km mark, I told Vickii I'd be stopping soon, she did try to encourage me on but I was busy feeling sorry for myself... LOL! She asked if it was okay if she ran quicker and left me behind, I said I'd keep up with her... I did so for a short while but I had to slow down eventually. I just made sure I kept her in my sights....

I saw her finish and I checked her time on my watch: 30 minutes 38 seconds. Shortly after I finished in 30 minutes 56 seconds. Vickii didn't feel too well right before the end of the race and I met up with her(she's okay now) and then felt very weak and hot... who sent me? LOL! A member of the ambulance crew stayed with me till I felt better and took my details.... Buki o!!!!!

As you know, our target was 28 minutes but it just didn't happen cos we were both not very well.... Next time o! Next time!

I actually went on an on about how crap this time was... How silly! I could have hurt myself, running when I am not well. Right now, I feel much worse than I felt this morning...

I went to see my Mummy for a couple of hours and now I am back, about to take a shower, take my Beechams and read my Harry Potter book ;-)

Well done CG, Vickii, CG's RP and MEEEEE :-)


Jumi said...

Congrats, LondonBuki and CG and the others on your team. I'm so proud of you gals. I just returned from a one-hour walk/jog around my neighbourhood and trust me, it feeeeeeeels great. I am loving it! Have a great weekend.

Calabar Gal said...

Oooh, you've posted already! LOL!! Just trying to compose my post too. Really was nice meeting you. Thanks for helping me out. Off to read ur post now. LOL!!!

Calabar Gal said...

Well Done you guys!! I'm proud you completed the race - thats the important thing. 30 minutes is till very good time so well done!!

Off to read my Harry Potter too - got it after the race. Check the back - all three are still alive and I'm happy - can now take my time and read the rest of the book leisurely. LOL!!

mochafella said...

Well done everyone, at least you didn't do a Kelly Rowland and kpafuka during the race. I'm guessing you owe Vickii lunch for her "win".

Anonymous said...

Well done guys.

Please do remember that your health comes first.

Be back on Monday for MM.


Abimars said...

Awwww, I hail your perseverance you still ran the race, congratulations!

Calabar Gal said...

Hey Buki,
Howdy? Hope you are feeling better now. Could you please send let me have details of the runnig watch you were talking about so I can look it up at Argos website? Cheers.

Vickii said...

When you told me you were starting to get ill on Wednesday, and you still felt really bad on Friday I did think that maybe you shouldn't run ... but I didn't even dare suggest that to you because I knew you wouldn't even consider not trying so I think you should be really proud of yourself because you did the race sick and you still did it in a very good time ... well done!

Well done to CG and her running partner too!

Abimars said...

Which running watch CG, Buki share the knowledge

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