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Saturday, September 15, 2007

I am disappointed that I am not getting my money back(Half Marathon cancelled)... but life goes on.

Today was interval training at Regents Park... Vickii and I...

We ran for 1 hour 12 minutes on Sunday... a completely different route at Regent's Park.

We're both talking about gym membership so we can go for classes and still exercise on those cold, wintery days, or on those weekdays when we just want to do something different.

I have a free trial(one day) at a gym near my house... I wanted to join but it's soooo expensive. £49/month if it's a month to month membership and just under £42 is I sign a 12 month contract!

I'll use my free trial one day this week...

Hope you are enjoying your weekend...

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Calabar Gal said...

They offered to transfer us 8K runners to the Brighton 8K and I agreed. So I'm running the Brighton 8K on the 14th of Oct instead of the Windsor one. Dont the organisers have another half marathon they are organising so they can transfer your entries too just like the 8K?

Hope you are fine.

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