I can be FITTER

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I know it was a week ago, but the 5k race seems like a long time ago! I need to register for another race ASAP...
It's quite warm this morning... I went for a 30 minute jog today and thought I was gonna melt... I am working on increasing my pace, so it made things even worse! I had my pedometer attached to my waistband and it said I did only 2.5 miles!!! How crap is that?!?!? I ran really fast for the first miles and then I got tired. I need to start normally, get into the jogging and then increase my pace.... DUHHH!!!
So me and my weekend jogging mate are going to Run 100 metres, Jog 100 metres (10 times) on Sunday evening..... interesting.


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