Still healing... BUT going back for more!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

So I went for my first real training session last week. It lasted for about 1.5 hours AND... I am still recovering!!!

Jogging is good for fitness (to a certain level) and staying trim.

This training made me use parts of my body I have neglected:

  • My shoulders and upper arms - I couldn't move my arms for the first hour after I woke up the next morning.
  • My "YAMS" (Calf muscles) - I am very strict about stretching after jogging and I stretched after the training with the trainer and also by myself. I still woke up with SORE yams.
  • My stomach muscles - We didn't even do sit-ups but I, somehow, used my stomach muscles.
  • My butt muscles - Don't ask me how!

Then I had an easy jog 2 days later during the weekend and I thought my calves were going to tear... I managed to run about 4k, before I gave up. Not Bad...

My calves are still hurting but I can walk without flinching due to the pain, thank God!

I have training again tonight... Good Luck to ME!


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