Am I lucky or what?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

So... my jogging partner and I went jogging and the track was filled with a lot of school kids!

I was grumbling, saying, "Not again!!! I came here a couple of weeks ago and they were here and they were dictating what lane I could jog on". I grumbled too soon.

One of the trainers asked what me and my friend were trying to do and I told him... Guess what happened next... He said we can come to their training every week for FREE!!!! So I am going to really work on increasing my pace and toning these (thank God) flat abs.

P.S. He said that I looked like I used to sprint at a time in my life cos when my pace was increased, I looked at ease. :-) Ofcourse I loved hearing that cos I was a sprinter in secondary school... so I'm off to training later today :-)


Onada said...

lol. .. i still havent been able to wake up early to go running. i'm a lazy bum. what should i do?

LondonBuki said...

Do people jog on the streets where you live? Cos when I was in Orlando, I thought I was going to melt when I jogged outside.

Do you live in a complex? Do you have a gym there? Cos it is stress going far from home to exercise, especially when you are a busy person.

I suggest you eiter:

1. If you have a gym REALLY nearby, wake up 30 minutes b4 normal and walk fast on an incline (slope) on the treadmill... you don't have to start jogging immediately.

2. Wait till evening and go jogging outside or in the gym.

3. Do what I tried for like 2 months - Go to the gym after work.

Let me know how it goes. You can do it :-)

P.S. I am aching from the training I did yesterday, I got home and slept for a long long time!

Onada said...

Maybe i should buy an elliptical or walking machine????? i'm going to find out how much they cost. People going running outside here but i dunno if i can run on the streets :( i'm shy!

LondonBuki said...

Shy? I kinda see where you are coming from... As for buying a machine of some sort... if you buy it, you have to be sure you will not fashi it after a short time and feel like you have wasted ur money.

That's what I like about jogging... No money req'd.

What about a gym in your complex... if you live in a complex?

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