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Thursday, August 10, 2006

I just read a comment that Soul left and I was pleased to know that she used to visit this blog when I made frequent entries.

I really wasn't sure if anyone was reading this blog but now I know Belle and Soul and Onada read this :-)

Soul wants to do a 5k run in October. Check this Link Out to Find Races to Enter - Runner's World.

When I got to the point where I could run for 30 minutes without stopping, I just carried on pushing myself each time to see if I could run further. This helped me BUT because I am now involved in training 2ce a week, I have some more helpful pointers.

I was jogging for longer but my pace wasn't increasing. I was not trying to be a world class long distance runner but I still wanted to jog a bit faster.

What I'll suggest is either:

  • Jog Three times a week and on a fourth day during the week - Warm up, then run a short distance e.g 60m and then walk. Do this 5 times. Your aim is for each run to be faster than the previous one.
    Jog lightly the first time, then walk back
    Increase your pace, walk back
    Increase even further, walk back
    And more, walk back
    The fifth time should be close to sprinting, then walk back.
    I have a stop watch and this really helps.

  • Or Jog 2ce a week and a Third day should be dedicated to the above.

You won't believe this but after just two weeks or incorporating this into my schedule, I noticed an improvement in my fitness and an increase in my pace.

What I will do is share my recorded times with you to show you how I am improving each week.


Soul said...

Hi Buki,
Thanks for the latest write up.

will put suggestions into practise.
How's the training for the North Vs South going?

LondonBuki said...

Glad to be of help Soul.

The training's going well... I am currently working on shaving 5 minutes off my current 5k time, that's kinda hard though!!! Before moving on to increasing my pace for longer distances

The training I attend on Tuesdays and Thursdays really helps my breathing and I will write about all that soon.

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