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Friday, October 13, 2006

I took Monday to Friday off running to recover from my race.

Saturday Morning - BACK TO RUNNING!!!

My co-workers, who were/are runners were really impressed with my time for the race... not because they thought it was FAST but because I only started running at the end of April... Thanks to my co-workers and all your comments, I am even more impressed with myself for finishing the race without stopping... THANKS!

Sometime ago, I wrote that a co-worker told me to take long strides on slopes - WRONG!!! On slopes, one should take little, quick(er) strides!!! I will be trying that out tomorrow, I am planning on jogging round the park 3/4 times.


robtherunner said...

Congratulations on your race and the fact that you just started in April makes it that much more special. Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to reading about your training and more races in the future.

ToyinE said...

I think i want to start running as well - to build endurance as well do overall cardio and maybe when i get better, i can even THINK about a race so ive gone back to your April posts and printed out your beginning workouts - IM very impressed oh because you started out from 1min run and 1 min walk to running nonstop for an hr so thats my goal for now!! please any additional tips would be lovely - right now, im back to 1 mile in like 12 mins nonstop but like i said my goal is an hr nonstop.

LondonBuki said...

@Rob Thanks for stopping by :-)

@ToyinE Thanks Girl. I can't believe it myself... earlier this year, I couldn't jog to save my life!

Anyway, start with the April stuff... To increase your stamina, it's suggested you try 'fartleks'... I put up a couple of posts about them in September but I will put something else up for you soon... :-)
Good Luck.

As for 12 minute miles, that's good!!!
I run 10-11 minute miles depending on the distance.

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