Saturday's Run Round The Park

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I ran so well today! It's either cos I was flying in my new running shoes or cos I missed running so much... Whatever, the reason, it felt really good!

Each lap ~ 2.25km.

The times in orange, and in brackets, are my times for last week Saturday so you can see the difference...

1st lap: 15min 42sec (16min 10sec)
2nd lap:15min 05sec (15min 46sec)
3rd lap: 15min 38sec (16min 06sec)
4th lap: 15min 07sec (15min 55sec)

I am so happy :-) I am still fit, if not fitter!!!

Here's a picture of my new and improved running shoes, Nike Airs....

Maybe another day, when I have more time, I will take pics from different angles so you can see the 'air' (hence, Nike maxAIR) filled soles... very very comfortable, it is good to invest in good running shoes.

Enjoy your weekend!


ToyinE said...

Im so jealous!!! I went to Florida last weekend and since then i have not been to the gym!!!It doesnt help that its snowing cats and dogs here. I'll try to make it to an indoor track this week at the gym and i just bought an mp3 player and am loading up my songs on there so hopefully that makes things better for me. I should have a progress report up this week - do u think shoes make a difference?? I have been running in these oldddd New Balances and i dont know if your Air's really helped. Im glad ure mum is doing great and look forward to reading more good Stuvvs :)

Vickii said...

Well done! Though I didn't think for one second that you would no longer be fit ... please, you are too disciplined for that to happen to you! Your new running shoes look great!

I haven't been running this weekend, but I'm planning on going tonight so watch this space!

LondonBuki said...

@ToyinE It really is important to wear good running shoes... you could hurt your knees and any part of your legs. My old running shoes were fine when I started running in April but as time went on, they began to wear and after the race, I noticed that my legs and feet were hurting, which was unusual... it was time to change! I still managed them for a few weeks but my legs hurt after every run!
My running pal used to run with 'random' shoes and when she changed to real running shoes, she noticed a big difference... so if you can, please invest in good running shoes for comfort, first.
Good Luck and let me know how it goes with the running this week...
Thanks and I will have even more good news soon, Amen! :-)
Enjoy your week :-)

@1982 Thanks, I was worried oh. When I went running last week Monday, I was tired! I guess it was cos I woke up really early the day before to get my sister from the airport and had not really had any sleep. Thanks for the confidence :-)
I am in love with my running shoes, will be trying them out again tonight :-)
Hope you go running tonight... please be safe.
Enjoy your week :-)

LondonBuki said...

@ToyinE Hope you enjoyed your time in Florida, I loved it when I went there.

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