Interval Training

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I went this lunchtime.

First 400m, I was flying. Then I walked 200m.
Second 400m, flying further. Walked 200m.
Third 400m, at 200m, I pulled a muscle :-( It was so painful. I think it was cos I was working hard on my running technique, I overdid it, as always! I stopped.

It still hurts.

I really did feel a little fitter the first two times, I wasn't tired.. HONEST!

I will rest my leg till Saturday morning... it hurts when I jog or walk too fast.


Vickii said...

Awww poor you ... hope your pulled muscle heals quickly. Try taking Ibruprofen to help with the pain. I hope you get well soon.

On the plus side (bet you couldn't see the silver lining, but I'm helping you out here), you're now officially a proper sportsperson because you've just had your first sports injury!

Get better soon!

LondonBuki said...

Ok, 1982, where have you been all my life???

Someone to make me feel better about myself NO MATTER WHAT!

It's true, I am a PROPER SPORTSPERSON. I have pulled a muscle in my a** cheek but that was nonsense compared to this REAL one!

Thanks babe :-)

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