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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I went for a 30 25 minute run yesterday evening. It was ok, I guess.

I think my legs are very tired - I ran for about an hour on Saturday, went ice-skating on Sunday and running on Monday. I think I will run tomorrow morning and have a long break until the race on Sunday... my legs actually felt like they were hurting as I was running!

ToyinE, how's it going with the running?
Vickii, how's it going? Is Sunday looking good? Will you be running definitely?


Vickii said...

Hey, you do need a rest before the race ... I've heard you shouldn't run for at least three days before.

I went twice last week and I went last night as well. I'm planning on going tomorrow and thursday and then having the rest of the days till the race off. I'm waiting to check out the bbc 5 day weather forecast tomorrow!

I'm running about 7km at the moment so I'll need to pray to get me through the last 3k!

ToyinE said...

Hey LB, yea u should relax although you're a pro so running even everyday before the race ain't no thang right?? lol Anyways, u guys i tried that 1 hr thing last Thursday and emmm i didnt quite meet my target. In fact, i was highly upset with you ladies because it was HARDDD! I stopped at 52 minutes and i just about collapsed at the gym. Anyways, i did 30 mins only yesterday and will head that way again this weekend. I"ll try in the mornings cos it seems i have more energy then rather than after work! Vickii i hope the weather is good enough this weekend so you guys can run me i'll just stick with the treadmill for now :)

LondonBuki said...

@Vickii Well Done!! I know you will be fine!!! :-)

@ToyinE I will run today and that'll be it till the race. 52 minutes is almost an hour! WELL DONE!!! You are practically in the ONE HOUR CLUB (LOL!)
If it gets really cold in December/January, I might run on the treadmill so I understan

Vickii said...

Please Toyine, 52 minutes is amazing ... you should be proud! You know what, I think time passes slower on a treadmill ... A few months ago, I was a real gym bunny, I'd spin, run, do weights three or four times a week but I never managed to run more than 42 minutes (and that was with a lot of effort)!
You're doing great considering the weather and how much you work.

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