Oh The Shame The Pain!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

My tummy oh!!!

I was supposed to do an interval training yesterday, I got back home from my Mummy at a good time. I had to meet up with my friend for a short time, it was time to take her to the station - I hadn't eaten, no food in the house, I was hungry.

She decided she wanted to buy Chinese, I followed suit.

I regret it! I bought sweet and sour pork and singapore fried rice... as I was eating, I knew what was to come but I kept on eating... 10 minutes later - I was in pain!!! I was so uncomfortable for a few hours, woke up this morning with more pain!

My tummy has settled down but have I learned my lesson - NO! Xmas day - I am going to eat LOADS!!!

What I am trying to say is - I did not run yesterday so I will run tonight!


Vickii said...

Hey hun, I'm glad your stomach is better! Hope you manage to go running tonight.

I went for a 42 minute run last night and felt really good for it. I was going to do a fartlek this morning but didn't wake up so I'll go tomorrow morning and I'll have to run saturday and sunday to reach our quota for the week .... but I'll do it!

Vickii said...

Oh by the way, I just realised the serpentine runs are on a friday so I'm afraid you'll have to count me out ... I'm not willing to book the day off work to go running. I would love to do races in feb and march though so if you hear of any on the weekend, please let me know.

LondonBuki said...

Vickii, I am so happy we are in the same boat!!! I got home tonight at 9 after seeing Mummy and just couldn't go back out... no motivation at all. I will be up at 6 tomorrow for a 40 minute run... I will report back immediately after, before I jump into the shower. I think I'll try to do the interval training on Saturday... if not, I'll just run all three days.

So Vickii and Buki - FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY!!! Unfailingly, no excuses! :-)

As for the races being on Friday - NO WAY!! Can't take Fridays off for a dumb race! LOL!!! I will find Saturday races and get back to you on that :-)

As for the races being on

Vickii said...

Hey Buki,

It's the last day of work for me today ...yay! Did you run this morning? I ran up and down a hill outside my house and I only lasted 21 minutes, more because I didn't want to be outside than because I was tired.

I want your report oh!

By the way, the running gloves are amazing ... my fingers are no longer at all cold!

I thought you knew about the race being on a Friday, who the hell organises a race on a Friday when there are two perfectly weekend days following it???

LondonBuki said...

Vickii, I am in serious trouble!!! LOL!!! I woke up at 6 and it was PITCH black! I knew it was gonna be dark but I didn't think that dark!
Had to get ready for work at 7!

So... I am leavng work early (1ish), going straight to Mummy and then running. OMG I have to run tomorrow morning as well... What have I gotten myself into? LOL!!!

I should be fine and I will get my gloves tomorrow. Gppd to know they are effective!

Well Done! Hopefully by this time tomorrow, I woulda run twice.

I will report back before the end of the day!

Well Done! 21 minutes is better than 0 minutes babe.

I am ashamed of myself! LOL!

LondonBuki said...

As for the races being on Friday, I forgot about that cos I tried to a couple earlier in the year...

They are silly! Do they think people don't go to work???

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