Race 3 - Done

Sunday, December 03, 2006

I finished the race! I've been in bed since I got home! I feel ill - Baby Buki!!! LOL!!!

Time - U won't believe I mistakenly clicked my stopwatch to stop! I restarted it when I realised but I think the time I recorded was WRONG! I will find out my time from the website in a couple of days and share...

I think I did similar to my last race (I am scare it might be worse oh!!!).... I was so tired! I have been having trouble sleeping for about a week now and I was tossing and turning all night.

I don't like the way it was timed... timed from when they said GO. Not when each individual crossed the start line...

I don't want to give excuses so I will stop there.

I am proud of myself - I ran and didn't stop once, although I wanted to stop and go home 20 minutes into the race. I am so funny, why was I so determined when I wasn't going to be paid if I finished or not!

Vickii, did you run? Please tell me you did.


Soul said...

Hey Buki.. well done!!.

You know I switched from jogging to dancing for the cold weather, but dang.. I dug out a hoodie and I'm joggin tomorrow. You are soo inspirational. dang.

ToyinE said...

Bukiiiii, mennn soul why now??? It was meant to be me being #1??? I wanted to say Good luck yesterday but was having computer issues - How are ya feeling??? Good job on finishing definately because those one hr runs are not beans!!!! Secondly, do not be too hard on yourself because you're becoming quite the accomplished lady - 3 runs on that your belt - babe na u biko!!! Maybe the weather was a factor or you just overthought everything but not to worry - theres always another 10K, 15K even 20K race out there to motivate you even further lolll Dont be hard on urself really at least until you see your times. Im sure you did GREAT - like Soul says you really are an inspiration!!!You now officially deserve some bed rest :)
Vickiiii did u make it?? Do tell babes

Vickii said...

Well done Buki, I am very proud of you!!! Three races!

No, I didn't do the race, I would have tried to find you to say hi if I had! My housemate and I decided that rain or shine we would do it then come sunday morning, we started texting each other at 7 in the morning because it was really stormy, and we decided by text not to run. We kind of regretted it a bit later because it cleared up but my housemate's brother said it was only the hard core runners that showed up (check you out miss hard core) and that he had to run against the wind and jump puddles so he struggled, and that made me kind of glad I didn't go. I went this morning though because I only jogged once last week!

Next race I'll be right there with you I promise! Let us know your times, I'm sure you did really great!

Good luck with the jogging soul, seriously, before three months ago, I had never been running and thanks to london buki, I can now run without collapsing!

How is your running going toyine?

Anonymous said...

Wow good on you LB! Congrats on doing it and finishing. Unline a certain someone ...

Biodun said...

Well done girl!

ToyinE said...

vickii, i have slowly regressed :(, now a 30 min run is now such a pain!! so ive broken it up and do it in bits, i'll do mebbe 10, take a break, do 30 take another break and then if i feel like it i'll do another 5/ 10 or something else. I should go tonite or Wed we'll see!! Thats too bad that you didnt make the run - maybe the next one?? maybe i'll join u guys lol

LondonBuki said...

Hey Everyone! Thank you so so much! Thank you!!!

Vickii, hard core runners? LOL! Thanks, it was really a horrible day but I still went ahead. I don't feel very well, I think I was definitely coming down with something and the 1hour+ exertion did not help.
Hope to see you at the next race!
Soul, well done! How's it going?
Toyin Thank you, you've made me feel better! :-) It's true I have done 3 races in less than 6 months sha! :-)
I have had days like that... when I feel like I can't run for as long as normal. Make sure you are 100% healthy and don't ignore your body if it's trying to tell you something.
As for joining us in a race, that will be a pleasure :-)
NoniMoss Thanks, the certain someone will redeem herself soon!
Biodun Thanks

Calabar Gal said...

Well Done Buki!!!

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