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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Almost 2 and a half minutes slower than my October race.

My excuses are - RAIN, WIND, FATIGUE, etc! LOL!!!

Ok, seriously, when I was walking to the start of the race, two runners I met said that wasn't a day to achieve a Personal Best... the weather was just not the best.

I'm done beating myself up about it... I am proud I have run 3 races, without stopping for a second, in less than 6 months!

Thanks for your words, they mean a lot. I need to remember that this time last year, I couldn't run for ONE MINUTE!

I should be back into my running on Saturday.. I am not feeling very well and I am not going to hurt myself all in the name of running...

I am going to try something new for 2 weeks... Run every morning for 30 minutes... I'll start that in 2 weeks.
I have a few reasons:

  • I want to run more often (4 times a week, minimum) - Short distances but quick pace sometimes. Interval training/Fartleks once a week unfailingly.
  • Xmas is coming and I don't play with my food - I eat as much as I want. So I might as well run as much as I want.

I am going to take part in a couple of 5k races, as well as 10k races next year...

Thanks people, I know I haven't won an award or anything but I am glad to have people like you in my blog-life :-)


Vickii said...

Seriously, don't be hard on yourself ... as I said my housemate's brother went and even though he's a good runner, he really didn't enjoy the experience and he didn't feel he did his best at all!

Well done again!

And at least you went, unlike a certain someone lol!

ToyinE said...

good job girlie!!

LondonBuki said...

Vickii and ToyinE - THANK YOU!!!! :-) :-) :-)

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