Friday, December 08, 2006

I think I've recovered from the race on Sunday.

I still have been having difficulty sleeping, right now I am at my desk and struggling to stay awake but because it's Saturday tomorrow, I will wait till I have FINALLY slept (even if it's 12) before I go running...

It will be a busy day cos once I am done, I'll have to get back home, washy my hair, go to Mummy, then go to my Friend's house to celebrate her b'day.

Enjoy your weekend!

ToyinE, Vickii, how's it going?


Vickii said...

Hey Buki, last week I only went running once and twice the week before so I've been slacking and I know I need to pick my game up! I've been twice this week already and I'm planning to go at least twice this weekend ... I'll report on Monday!

Also like you, it's christmas and i'm loving my food so I want to at least try and balance it out by jogging more. If I can get through this time of year without putting on weight, I'll be happy!

Toyine your report now please!

ToyinE said...

LOL - welll not a whole lot to report! I was worried that since the race was over - the running would kinda slow down but im glad thats not so! Well, i went running on Wednesday for about 45 mins and i plan to go tomorrow morning or some other time this weekend so im still hanging in there...will also report back in sharply on Monday! Have a good weekend ladies!!

Calabar Gal said...


Vickii said...

Hey girls, I went running three times last week and guess what Buki, with the aid of a map, I went to regents park on saturday and ran the 10k route... I stopped after each lap to stretch for a couple of minutes but I did it in 1:13 which I'm really proud of!

How were your weekends?

LondonBuki said...

ToyinE, I am still trying to get back into my routine. I went running on Saturday for only 30 minutes. I feel okay today though. How was your weekend?

Vickii, WELL DONE!!! That is impressive, Once we get back to work next year after Xmas, we are both signing up for a race together OR ELSE!!!

CalabarGal, Sorry now :-)

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