New Week, New Plan

Monday, December 11, 2006

I went running on Saturday... Only 2ce round the park. I had a few reasons - My body was tired, I had A LOT to do, etc.

This week I am going jogging 4 times. Thirty (or up to 45) minutes each time, nothing more. Days - I have not decided yet but will post as I go along...

CalabarGirl, how are you? How's your running/working out going? :-)

Vickii, ToyinE, Everyone else?

Have a FAB week!

Two weeks to Xmas and I am jogging on Xmas morning!!! LOL!!!


Vickii said...

@ your comment in your previous post, yup, we'll definitely sign up for a race together next year ... I want to do all 6 of the regent park 10k series and try and improve my times. What do you think about being ambitious and signing up for a half marathon towards next year?

I want to go running at least four times this week too! Okay, deal? We both have to do it! Same for me, 30-45 minutes but I want to go to the park again next sunday and do 10k again. I loved running in the park, it was gorgeous! I'm planning on running on christmas day too, and christmas eve and boxing day!

How are you going Toyine?

LondonBuki said...

@Vickii What time do you run at Regent's Park? I think I might be interested in running with you next Sunday...

I want to sign up for all 6 too!!! I'll do that once I am back next year!

I was thinking about the half marathon - If I do it, I think later in the year will be good... what do you think? Something like the Great South Run. I am excited! LOL!!!

Ok, DEAL - 4 times this week and no excuses from either of us!

Vickii, I like your idea - I will run Xmas Eve, Xmas Day and Boxing Day too so I can stuff my face with all sorts! :-)

ToyinE said...

U go girls!!! 60k races all next year!!!! Thats very gangstarrr lol,ok me sef i'll join in! I have to be in London at least twice in the early part of next yr and if a race happens while im there or is close sha then me too i'll participate. I'll feel much better tho' doing a 5k lol
Anyways, didnt do any running this weekend but will try for 4 as well this week!
How is a half-marathon different from the 10K races and where can i view the Regent park races ?? Its not fair ooo i feel excluded cos im not in Jand :(

Vickii said...

Buki, I don't have a particular time, I did it for the first time this week and loved it so thought I'd definitely repeat it ... not to early though. I went at 11 on saturday. If you're intersted, we can arrange a time that would be good for both of us!

I agree with you, half marathon should be later in the year so we can have lots of practice before hand!

@ Toyine, lol at the 60k ... are you trying to kill me? Let us know when you'll be in town and maybe we can all do something together. You can look at the races at I think, Buki has a link from her blog and it'll tell you what races are on next year!

Don't even think about not telling us when you're around otherwise you'll be in big trouble lol!

LondonBuki said...

Vickii, this week are you going on Saturday or Sunday?

Vickii said...

Buki, Probably sunday. Think you can make it?

Calabar Gal said...

Hmmmn, Buki my darling, This ur new improved site is an inspiration. Thanks so much for the info on the 5k races for next year. Let me see if I can do anything sensible there.

I will not lie. I havent been doing any exercise. Difficult to leave my bed!!! (LOL)

LondonBuki said...

Clabar Gal! Where have you been???

Thanks :-)

No problem, glad to be of help!

I don't blame you, it is not easy to get up, get dressed and go out into the COLD!!! LOL! Good Luck babe :-)

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