New Year's Day Run

Monday, January 01, 2007


It's been fun sharing my new found love for running with you and trust me, there's still a lot where that came from! :-)

I just got back from a 25 minute run. mI haven't been running for SIX days because I was resting my 'injured' shin. It's a good thing I did 'cos today I only felt the slightest of twinges when I was running - this means my legs still need a little more rest but they are healing nicely.

I gotta go now 'cos I have to wash my hair, take a shower, do my last minute packing, spend as much of the day as I can with my Mummy... then I am of to Lagos.

Like I said, I will try to run in Lagos. Infact, I WILL RUN in Lagos, Calabar Girl you are doubting me oh... do you think I will be having so much fun that I will forget? LOL! Let us see... I'll let you know when I am back!

Vickii, when I get back we will look for 5k races that are on SATURDAY :-)
ToyinE, I think I might see you in Lagos...

I'll try to put up a post or two while in Lagos, if I can't - I'll be back in 2 weeks. Take good care of yourselves and have a fantastic 2007!


Coral said...

How do you do it? I have been trying to get into a thrice weekly routine run and so far for the months of November and December, I've averaged three runs in two weeks. I did manage 2 runs last week, 1 yesterday and I'm off on one now. I spend about 15mins running and 15 powerwalking...You got any tips? How do you motivate yourself? Do you get bored of your route?

Tutsy said...

Go Bukky!!!! Omo i am super proud of u....go on with your bad Omo u inspire me to get into this whole workout thingy again o, anywayz i'll definately get myself motivated and pumped up, the next race you run will be me and Now as per u jogging in Naija, goodluck with that o, omo, i hope u don't come down with an heat
Too bad u had to leave for Lagos after i left. Anywayz have fun and be safe

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