Running in Lagos...

Monday, January 15, 2007


Upon all my noise, I just didn't do it. I'm back in London tomorrow and once I am able to fight off this nonsense Malaria - JOGGING WILL BECOME A REGULAR THING AGAIN!!!


Vickii said...

Upon all your talk! Upon all the fact that there is a treadmill in your friends house ... LondonBuki (i'm shaking my head at you in disappointment) lol.

Only kidding, who am I to talk? I only went once over christmas, I wasn't intending to go in Lagos but I've now been back five days and I still haven't gone ... you need to come back and motivate me!

ToyinE said...

girl me either. No running - can u imagine we didnt even talk about blogging & running while in Lagos when we saw??? Vickii were you in Lagos? Would have been nice to have said hello or something.

Vickii said...

Hi Toyin, I was in Lagos, it would have been great to see you in... Shame! Did you have fun?

I think next year we all need to be more organised about meeting up because it would be nice!

Okay, I went for a 30 minute run the other day and it was hard .. I need to get back in shape! And you two better get going as well!

LondonBuki said...

Vickii! Vickii!! Vickii!!!

Don't you dare bring up that treadmill in my friend's house! LOL!!! I can't believe I told you about it like I was 100% sure I would actually use it!!! LOL!!!!

At least you've gone jogging once since you got back!

I am still recovering from Malaria here... I feel much better so I should be back in action middle to end of next week ;-)

ToyinE, you were busy both times... we'll talk running on this blog till we drop! LOL!

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