One week

Friday, January 19, 2007

I think I'll rest for one more week... I am still recovering here!

My cough's almost gone so it's at that DRY, painful stage. I have a cold BUT THANK HEAVENS I am feeling MUCH better!!!!

Vickii, ToyinE, everyone - keep us updated on what you are doing!

Enjoy your weekend!


Onada said...


i need to get fit too...i still cant wake up at 6...i'm a lazy ass bum... sigh....

Vickii said...

Hey Buki, hope your cold is getting better!

So without your good influence, I've been struggling. I went jogging twice this week - 32 minutes and 28 minutes- and it was a struggle both times! Anyway, I'm back to at least three times a week from tomorrow ... get well soon so you can join me!

Toyine, how are you doing?

Who is this onada girl trying to fool, she has been planning to wake up at 6 and get fit since before I started blogging and it's been a while! Onada, just do it!

LondonBuki said...

Onada, we are still waiting for you oh! :-)

Vickii, My cold is stll VERY much around. My plan is to start running on Saturday, I'll keep you posted.
Well done! You went running 2ce last week... it's always hard to get back into your routine but I am sure you'll be fine! Keep us updated.

ToyinE, how's it going...

LOL! Ok Onada we want to hear you woke up at 6 to go running or something!

ToyinE said...

smennn you guys, i wanted to go on Saturday but it didnt happen and i just ate so cant go at least for the next 3 hrs. we'll see laziness ehnnn!!! there's always tomorrow shey :)

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