Comeback Day - Saturday? Hmmm....

Thursday, January 25, 2007

My plan was to run for 30 minutes on Saturday... the last time I went running was on the 1st of the month... I slacked in Lagos.... came back to London sick... now I am still trying to shake off my COUGH AND COLD!!!! This is getting TOO ANNOYING! WTH???

I will not go running if I feel I will be coughing and blowing my nose while doing so... it is not that deep! Only time will tell, I guess.

I'll keep you posted...

Enough about me! How's it going with you guys? Vickii, once we both get back into running (I am sure you are practically there), I think we should make serious race and running plans.....?


Vickii said...

Poor you ... I really hope you get better soon. Have you had any time off work because the best way to beat a cold is really to just rest. And I agree with you, running while you're still fluey wouldn't be smart!

I haven't been jogging this week at all! I need to go three times between now and sunday but the weather is really not helping. I've completely given up on going before work!

Yup serious race plans when you're up and running (ha ha geddit), definitely the regent's park 10ks but from about March, I want to run at least 10k once a week. I think we should sign up for a half marathon towards the end of the year, now, that will be a challenge!

Get well soon!

Toyine and Onada (why am I even asking), how are you guys doing?

ToyinE said...

heyyy me on the other hand ive been going ohhh (well twice since im currently unemployed) so i went on MOnday and today and i did 35 mins both times. U guys its such a struggle to stay on the treadmill ohhh Vickii u were such an inspiration when u came back oh, i was thinking youwere one gangstarrr babe! LB, vickii's right, no running while you're fluey :) I like that word (fluey). Onada are u a runner now??? Ehnnn

Vickii said...

@ Toyine, well done! You're putting me to shame! Watch this space though, I will run three times before monday even if it kills me, but I'm really hoping it doesn't! And since you've been twice this week already, I don't see any reason why you can't go a third time before monday as well lol!

Hope you're only unemployed temporarily ... enjoy all the running time!

LondonBuki said...

@Vickii I have taken the rest of the week off work.
I guess you're still in the holiday spirit, you gotta shake it off! LOL!!!

And this weather!!! Ridiculous!

When I am up and running(LOL!!) soon, we'll discuss races and runs further... yeah, a half marathon towards the end of the year sounds good... October/November sounds doable.

Thank you :-)

@ToyinE Go Toyin! Go Toyin!! Go!!! As for treadmills, I feel you, it is hard staying on them! Well Done!
As for the Job situation, hope it works our whatever you you want it :-)
Fluey is a cute word isn't it? LOL!!!

Ok, Girls - keep me posted and motivated to get better please!!!

P.S. It'll be interesting to know how Onada is doing! It's a new year!

Onada said...

what do you mean how Onada is doing? i just finished my first 20k race and i came FIRST, didnt you hear about it?

Anonymous said...

I'm not doing well. I haven't run since the 1st. Will definately try this weekend.


Vickii said...

How are you feeling Buki?

I have to confess that upon all my challenge to Toyine, I only went jogging twice this week. I went yesterday for 31 minutes and honestly, every step was a struggle so I decided that today, I would do a combination of running and walking. I ran for four songs and walked for one and I did 1hr 17 mins so I was pleased.

I do want to try and go jogging 4 times for the next two weeks to make up for my slacking of the last two weeks.

Toyine, how did you do? You were already doing better than the rest of us mid week anyway.

Vickii said...

@ coral ... did you manage to go this weekend?

Vickii said...

Hey Buki, there is a series of races called Wimbeldon Common Time Trial 5k and they are on sat 10th feb, sat 24th Feb and Sat 3rd of March and they're all free ... are you up for it?

LondonBuki said...

Hi Vickii... My cough's almost gone, although my cuz told me I sound like an 80 year old smoker!!!

I should run tomorrow morning :-)

FREE?!?!?!? Ofcourse! Ofcourse! Count me in! That 10th of Feb one looks scary for me though.. it's in less than 2 weeks.

Where can I get more info about it?

You wanna run FOUR times this week... Good Luck, can't wait to get back to that!

Vickii said...

buki, look on runners world ... that's where I got the info!

Please you'll be fine for the 10th of Feb, bet you'll be running 5k distances before then!

Yay, I can't wait! Then in April we can start the regents park 10ks!

Good luck running tomorrow, and glad your cough has gone!

LondonBuki said...

So it's every saturday till the 3rd of March i.e. 10th, 17th and 24th Feb and 3rd of March...?

Any reason why we shouldn't do all 4? LOL! Look at me talking... HaHaHa!!!

Ok, I'll do the 10th, I pray I will manage 35 minutes!

You know it's at 9am right?

Coral said...

@ Vickii...I didn't manage to run this weekend :( Spent too long in church on Sunday and Saturday...well...erm... Will try again tonight.

Did you say 1hr and 17mins?

Im interested in the February run too. Even if it only for 10mins lol!

LondonBuki said...

@Coral Good Luck running tonight... Enjoy your week!

Vickii said...

@ Buki, I didn't realise it was every saturday, no problem ... we can do it! So I'm putting it in my diary!

@ Coral, do you live in London? If you do, you're more than welcome to join us, the more the merrier. In fact if anyone else who lives in London is interested, pls come along. Do you mind Buki?

LondonBuki said...

Do I mind? LOL! Ofcourse not, I will tell my friend (running mate) about it, she should be interested.

I just checked Coral's profile, she is in London... I always thought she was outside London...

So Coral... r u interested?

Ok, I'll put up a short entry on the races now...

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