5k Races in Wimbledon...

Monday, January 29, 2007

... 10th, 17th and 24th of February and 3rd of March.

Vickii just told me about the above races... I have not been running in almost a month... I should be running tomorrow morning. I'll blog about that tomorrow!

Anyway, details of the Race(s) are as follows:

Date and Venue:
9:00am, Saturday 10/17/24 February and 3rd March 2007
Wimbledon Common, London, SW19 5NR

Entry Fee:

Event Organiser Details:
Paul Sinton-Hewitt
13 Holmes RoadStrawberry Hill
Middlesex TW1 4RF
Day telephone:
07785 393 054

I think you can register for the race by post, or on the day of the race. I'll email Mr Sinton-Hewitt to confirm.

If you are interested in other 5k races, you can look through more options HERE.

Thank you Vickii!!! :-)


Vickii said...

Yay ... I'm excited! I won't be too happy when I'm having to wake up at 7:30 on saturday but I'll cope!

Come on people, free races are hard to come by!

LondonBuki said...

Wimbledon is FAR! LOL!

Anyway, that'll help me start my Saturday early so I can hang with Mummy early and go home early to RELAX :-)

Hmmm... if more people come, I won't be anonymous anymore... who am I kidding? I think I stopped being anonymous months ago!!!

So Vickii, we'll do these "small" races in February and move on to the BIG races later... you know the 10ks and the Half Marathons..? LOL!!!

Vickii said...

lol I know Wimbeldon is a bit of a trek!

By the way, I'm missing the one on the 17th because I'm going to Barcelona on that day but I'm good for all the others. I've managed to rope one of my friends in too!

OmoIbadan said...

U guys are having fun out there sha...I wouldnt mind to be part of the running.....but I will be doing it with una from the comfort of my bike....I no get power for running mehn, especially long distances...nah...old age is catching up with me....so are guys mounted on metal horses counted as winners at the breasting of the tape?

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