RACE FOR LIFE 2007 and Quick Update

Thursday, February 15, 2007

RACE FOR LIFE, the race I took part in last year - My first race - is open for registration. It's £10. Check out venues and dates HERE.

I need to check with a couple of people, who I hope will be interested, when will be convenient for them. Vickii, what date is ok for you? I think we need to check that it doesn't clash with any of the Regent's Park 10k races... BTW, I am registering for those next Month (Six 10k races from April to September)....

I haven't been running this week. While I am working on the Client site(for a couple of months), I plan to go running Tues, Thurs, Sat and Sun. This week hasn't gone well, hope it gets better next week.

I have a cold :-( and a cough is trying to start as well!!! I think it's cos it rained on Tuesday and although I had an umbrella, I still got wet! I keep having to BLOW my nose and I find that so annoying when people are doing it around me! Now I am the culprit!

I am not 100% well but I cannot afford to call in sick on my first REAL week at the Client's site... it's Thursday, week is over soon!

Vickii, have you gone running...? Preparing for your holiday?

ToyinE, where are you?

Everyone else, how far? Anyone else who is interested in running, leave a comment please.


Vickii said...

Hey hun, hope your cold gets better really soon!

I'm definitely up for race for life, as long as it's a weekend, I'm good!

I haven't been running this week, I have no idea what is wrong with me. I've also been eating really badly ... I need to get out of my funk! Yup, I'm looking forward to my holiday and I need to get my ass in gear when I get back!

Tell me when you register for the regents park 10k races, I'm doing them too!

ToyinE said...

Men, its been ages i know!! I havent been running in ages... partly my fault and partly external forces and my laptop hasgone kaput on me so i havent been able to get my blog on :) I hope to start back running next week since my recent weight gain has slowed a sista down!! LB and Vickii u guys are my inspiration ohh so dont give up or slow down - i;ll soon be back to hang with you ladies :)

LondonBuki said...

@Vickii Cold's gone now :-)
Ofcourse it's a weekend, I'll let you know dates you can pick from :-)
Hope you run/ran in Barcelona and that you 'get out of your funk'.
I'll let you know when I register for both races.

@ToyinE LONG time! Please come back oh, you've been missed.
Take care.. :-)

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