My Head Hurts...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

... yet again.

Was supposed to go running yesterday - didn't. Thought I'd go after seeing my Mummy today - I am not going to.

I'll keep you all posted.


Waffarian said...

My body was totally destroyed yesterday at the gym!!!!this woman, she had russian music and expected us to do some "jumping and hopping" steps, my dear,........i don't know what those russians eat but if na so them dey dance.........april is soon here, i am excited about jogging. The weather is getting better and better!

Vickii said...

You this girl .. go and see the gp! Hope your head gets better soon. I've been given the all clear to go jogging again (yay!)so I'll be keeping you informed!

LondonBuki said...

@Waffy LOL!!!!!
You are too funny!
I know.. the weather's improving... looking forward to you sharing your beautiful jogging experiences! LOL!

@Vickii Don't mind me o... it's cos I think my GP is a quack! I feel better today, I plan on going jogging this evening.
Yay!!! So you are back?
Maybe my head was hurting cos I was waiting for you? LOL!!!!

Beyond said...

heyya sorry o, se make i send you paracetamol or panadol
Take care of yourself and get enough rest sweetie.

LondonBuki said...

@Bayond LOL!! Thank you... :-)

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