Saturday's Run Round the Park

Saturday, March 31, 2007

... was so disappointing today! I am trying not to give excuses BUT:

  • My NEW shoes are not for me! My right foot still felt numb today! It's not tight just weird... so I am going to Runners Need to exchange them after taking a shower today!
  • My friend who visits monthly is on it's way, so my "babies" are a bit tender, every step I took wasn't nice for them. Ouch.
  • My shins hurt - The shoes! I am so sure

So... I only went round the park 2ce and the second time round , I stopped halfway through and walked the rest of the way. I wasn't tired but I had to stop cos I know my body.

I'm wondering maybe I should just leave running till Monday and start all over again. Pretend like this week never happened? LOL!!!

Enjoy your weekend ALL!


Vickii said...

Stop being so hard on yourself buki, by my calculations you did abou 40 minutes and that's really good! I know what you mean though, sometimes everthing just seems wrong.

Did you change your trainers?

I ran for an hour today but I wasn't on my usual form, I finished off walking for about 10 minutes instead of running.

Try and go tomorrow if you can, otherwise, yeah, just write off the week and start monday... looks like it's going to be nice and sunny.

Ms zee said...

you need to stop when your body tells you to.. remember you feel the effect not the pain... Pain is bad but feeling tired is good is what Jim (Pers Trainer)...

Return the shoes, there is nothing more unpleasant than uncomfortable shoes, take it from me, I wear American 11 so i know...

You have an excellent weekend and a fulfilling week ahead..


LondonBuki said...

Thanks Vickii and Ms Zee :-)

@Vickii I did about 30 minutes then walked for a while... I just wasn't feeling it.

Yeah I did... apparently, our feet expand when running so although shoes were my size when I tried them one... because my right foot is bigger, when it expanded, the sides of the shoe were pushing against my foot.

I increased the size by 0.5 and I'll try them out on Monday or Tuesday.

Well done.. are you going tomorrow?

@Ms Zee My body just was not feeling it at all. I felt competely weird...

I exchanged the shoes for shoes 0.5 of a size bigger.

Enjoy your weekend and have a beautiful week!!!

So are you training...?

mochafella said...

Yes, leave the running till Monday so those numb and hurting feet can recover.

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