Tuesday's Training

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Just got back from this ("The V"):

50 step ups(on each leg)
1 lap round my block
20 squats
1 lap
20 lunges
1 lap
20 squats
1 lap
20 lunges
1 lap
40 squats
1 lap
40 lunges

Stretches after.

I didn't notice my running shoes at all... that's good right? No discomfort, nothing :-)


Coral said...

***With tail in between legs*** LB, I am very shamefully behind. I havent run for two months now. I tried yesterday and I had to walk back home. I needed 1 malta guinness and some steroids after that. I can't even walk properly now...Sob sob

Waffarian said...

Buki!!!!!!!! I sprained my ankle!!! Yes, i am feeling sorry for myself! gym is going great! finally found my niche! weight lifting! I am telling you, my body was made for serious farm work! If you see the way i just dey life anyhow, all the oyibo babes just dey eye me!

Vickii said...

Yay for your new trainers and it's definitely a good sign that you weren't aware of them ... what are your running plans for this weekend? Oh by the way, I'm not going to Birmingham on sunday morning so I'll be going to the park tomorrow and saturday, would be nice if you could come.

I did a V this morning but with only 5 laps of the hill. I think I need to eat something before I go. I did 200 step ups on each leg, 40 squats and 40 lunges.

LondonBuki said...

@Coral Get back into it slowly... ok?
Two months is not that long, I am serious.
I hope you stretched! Please make sure you remember!

@Waffy Ouch what where you doing that you sprained your ankle?
LOL!!!! Farmer o! Please don't lift to mmuch and become heavyweight champion o! LOL!!!
Well done and take care of your ankle ok?

@Vickii God sent you to me! I am serious! I was just thinking of how I'll get off my big a** and go running tonight... just not in the mood! But I can definitely do Friday and/or Saturday. Thank you :-)
Oh yeah you should try to eat something before running in the mornings... ofcourse!
Wow... 200 step ups! WOW! I have to try 100 each next week!
I am looking forward to running with you, I know I have not been pushing myself and I know I will if I run with you.
Just sent you a text.

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