Friday's Run Round Regent's Park

Friday, April 06, 2007

Let me just start by saying: Thank God for Vickii!

Seriously... I was SO not in the mood to go running last night and Vickii left a comment about going running today and tomorrow and I jumped at that!

We went today... It was really going well... The first lap was 22.16 and Vickii was happy with that.... second time felt good.

I was trying to make sure I kept up with Vickii and she says she was trying to keep up with me... It was good... :-)

After about 44 minutes, I stopped to loosen the laces on my right shoe and that's when things slowed down. I started to feel this weird pain on the sides of my legs... very weird and we couldn't figure out what it was (getting used to my new shoes or the uneven surface we were running on or what?). After a few minutes, we started running and it felt good for about 10 minutes and then I had to stop... Vickii stopped too and we walked the rest of the way, then we sprinted to the end!

I hope tomorrow goes better... we plan on doing a 10k route, like we did today.

We(Vickii, Buki and a friend) are starting a 21 day challenge next week Thursday. I'll blog more about it another day so anyone can try if interested.

Enjoy your Easter break!!!


mochafella said...

The pain might just be from the length of the run, if it was longer than usual.

However you might want to move to a level surface or a threadmill. Twisted ankles and knees from an uneven track are quite painful.

Vickii said...

Friday's run was good ...looking forward to next week. Hmm, this 21 day challenge has come around way too quick, can't say I'm looking forward to it!

LondonBuki said...

@Mochafella I think it was the combination of new shoes, different surface, speed, distance, etc... LOL!
Thank you...

@Vickii See you on Saturday... :-)
21 day challenge - I am actually looking foward to it o! It starts tomorrow!!!

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