Mini workout

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hi- how are you?

Waffy, I am in TEXAS... in AMERICA... LAND OF FOOD! So because I am on holiday, I should ROLL back into London? LOL!!! Just playing...

Seriously, when I'm in London, I'm always active - running for the bus, train, tube or something. Here, I am driven around and although I am not over eating, I still have to be careful plus I have a race in less than 2 weeks.

ToyinE, I am having a good time o especially after hearing the weather in the UK is horrible.

I just did a mini workout:

120 step ups to warm up
30 squats + 20 pulses + held squat for 20 seconds
30 crunches
30 kickbacks on each leg
30 back raises
and 50 step ups to cool down

Not much of a workout but I know my body and that's the most I want to handle for now... once I am back in England, I'LL BE BACK! LOL!


Ms zee said...

you in texas sweetie.... i am going to be in dallas on Sunday... can we hook up???

Ms Zee

Vickii said...

Buki, please, you are on holiday ... enjoy yourself! Well done on working out while you're over there.

I ran today yay! Around my house where its all hills for 43 minutes and then I did 90 step ups on each leg outside my house at the end. AND there is this hill on this particular route and I swear it's a 45 degree angle and when I get to it, I've been running uphill for about 5 minutes so I always stop at some point on this hill and walk the rest of the way. But today I didn't stop, I maintained my pace, shortened my strides and I did it!

Oh and I love roast plantain! I made salmon stew and yesterday, today and tomorrow, I've eaten it with roast plantain ... it's so nice!

Have a great last day!

Vickii said...

Welcome back Toyine, don't worry about not having worked out for a while, you'll get back into it easily!

Andy said...

Na waah ooo! I am impressed with ur "fitness fanaticsm".
Stay fit lol!

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