Thursday, September 06, 2007

I was supposed to go for a 10k race last week Saturday(1st of September) but I didn't... was tired, not motivated.

So I made up for it - 2 HARD hilly runs on Saturday and Sunday... both thtough Alexandra Palace and up Muswell Hill, on Saturday, I ran round Muswell Hill too...

Jogged for 30 minutes yesterday... ofcourse it's going to be another gruelling weekend :-)

I love running...

I hope you are all well and Waffy... I read your blog and I hope you are doing okay?

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Waffarian said...

This is so strange Buki, I just thought of you and felt I had to come here and tell you I was thinking of you, only for me to see that you thought of me as well! You made my day, thanks!, with all you have to do, I appreciate you asking of me. I am doing well, thank you, I have been jogging every other day since I came back from Naija but I plan to do it everyday like I did before I left. I have not put on any more weight since I came back but I have not gone down either and I know why. I have been eating lots of stuff that I shouldn't be but thanks to my jogging, the weight has stayed put. Anyway, take care, lots of love to you and mummy!

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