Monday, October 15, 2007


I am glad to say I am 100% well :-) I will fill in the meals as the day goes on...

Breakfast: Muesli and Milk, and a banana.
Snack: An Apple and a Satsuma
Lunch: Fried rice and chicken(Fried rice is a smaller than usual portion)
Snack: 2 Satsumas and yoghurt
Dinner: A small roll with honey. I'll have to eat some salad or something when I get home.

Exercise: 30 minute home workout this evening.

So... which of you beautiful people are taking part?


kemi said...

I am. Didn't really eat all that well today but I did workout for n hour at the gym- ran on the treadmill. For breakfast I had cereal and a banana. Lunch /snack was tuna sandwich, yogurt, apple. I haven't had dinner yet maybe some bread. Cos of work I can't really eat 5 meals. Oh and we're not supposed to eat cake abi? i did o, someone at work was doing her birthday!!!! Maybe i should start over tomorrow :)

Calabar Gal said...


Off to write my post too now.

LondonBuki said...

@Kemi Don't start over today o... just see that as a minor slip up. Try to eat more often, ok?

@CG Going to your blog now...

Waffarian said...

sorry jare, I have been so busy! anyway, today started off quite well. For breakfast I had "geisha" and whole wheat bread. I skipped lunch(by mistake) and for dinner I had sallad.

Waffarian said...

I forgot to write about my exercise: I hr aerobics.

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