Guess who feels better....

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

ME :-)

I feel much much better than I did over the weekend so I think it's safe to say - LB's gonna be back in full force from this weekend.

Saturday and Sunday, I am definitely running!

During the 21 day challenge, I will be sweating EVERYDAY... and I will be washing my hair 2ce a week because it will not have a pleasant smell ;-)

Exercise Ideas for 21 day challenge:
1. 30 minute workout indoors: There are soooo many workouts that can be done in half an hour... You can warm up(jog on the spot or step ups) for 5 minutes and cool down for 5 minutes. I will give detailed descriptions of my workouts when the challenge starts.
2. Power Walk(with or without leg weights): I have leg weights that I have ignored for months... looks like it's back to them!
3. 30 minute run/jog
4. Endurance training(Bootcamp on my side bar, interval training, fartleks)
5. Long runs(more than 30 minutes)

I will definitely put up posts everyday during the challenge and I would appreciate a couple oof lines from you too :-)

Ummm... I just bought another book:The Real Woman's Personal Trainer: A Goal-by-goal Programme to Lose Fat, Tone Muscle, Perfect Posture and Boost Energy for Life...
Don't laugh at me o! It looks like a really good book ;-)

Enjoy your week ALL :-)

P.S. CG... yeah, my other blog will be mostly about my Mummy for a while... :-)

P.P.S. It takes TWENTY minutes to walk from the station(near work) to work. I have been taking the bus, using my illness as an excuse... NO MORE. From today(this afternoon, cos I took the bus this morning LOL), I PROMISE to walk to and from the station EVERYDAY! Anyday I don't I will report myself and I'll have to pay for it.


Calabar Gal said...

Dont know where my weights are but will dig them out for days I'm not running. Thanks to the exercise books I've got, finding workouts to occupy 30 minutes daily shouldnt be a problem.

Calabar Gal said...

The R4W Brighton 8K is on Sunday.

Vickii said...

I'm so bad, I've been awol from blogs for so long that I didn't even know you were doing the 21 day challenge! Well done!

unfortunately, ahem, I won't be joining you on this one but I will try and run 3 times a week!

kemi said...

Buki could you please edit my last comment and remove my last name? is it possible? if it's not then don't publish the comment. Thanks !!!!!!

9jamama said...

Hi London Buki, I've been following your blog for a while now, and I must say I'm impressed. I'm not into running yet (although I got the book on running for women years ago!). I'm on my own personal improvement crusade, and my exercise of choice is the elliptical trainer, supplemented with exercise videos. It's so great to see what you're achieving out there. Not to worry, I'll soon have successes of my own to post!ymia

LondonBuki said...

@CG I'll text you later, hope the run went well..

@Vickii I'll be checking o... 3 times!

@Kemi No problem, it starts on Monday, the 15th :-)

@9jamama Thank you... good luck :-)

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