2008.... mine is off to a slow start!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2007 didn't end perfect for me healthwise, I was recovering from falling ill mid December, then I started first weekend in January 2008 with Malaria.... so it hasn't been... perfect.

I am much better, I just have this lingering sore throat, lingering shortness of breath, restless nights.... all that annoying kinda stuff that needs to be sorted before I get back in to my running.

I did run the day before I fell ill and it did feel good but the next morning I was aching, obviously because I was ill.

So.... HERE'S TO A HEALTHY 2008!

When I get back into my running and exercise, you'll all be amazed! LOL!

Take care of yourselves and I'll be back very soon... I am thinking of running this Saturday... I feel I'll be back to normal by then :-)

A friend wants to start running with me.... maybe I can organise with a few ladies to meet up Saturday and/or Sunday to go running?

Take care all... catch you later...


Jaycee said...

Hope u're feeling way better now. U would have been such an inspiration if I was in London. Yikes!

Calabar Gal said...

So sorry to hear you werent feeling well.

As per your comment about when you start running, we'll be amazed. No need to even mention it - I beleive you cos even when I was running, catching up with your energy and zeal was an uphill task. (Smile)

I think I'm interested in the weekend running although the location will determine if I'll join you every week. Dont like to go too far out of my comfort zone. (Smile)

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