Tuesday, January 01, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Healthy eating and Exercise-wise

I will:
- Run or do some form of exercise AT LEAST 3 times a week
*cough* from the week beginning 7th January 2008
- Have 5 portions(no harm in having more) of fruit and vegetables
- Just be healthy... and make a HUGE effort!


Calabar Gal said...

Happy New Year!!!

Steelboss said...

Hay there, my name is Boss.

I was passing by your blog and wanted to wish you lots of luck for your coming challenges this year.

I think having read a bit about you, you should be very proud of yourself, and I know my goals aren't to do endurance racing, but the fact you have done so many races is a really suprb feat, and you deserve a lot of kudos for it.

I wanted to also tell you that I have a messageboard called Steelmuscle on my blog.

If you, or anyone you know wants any extra advice, support, motivation, or just to give something back to others, please do feel free to stop by anytime, I know everyone would be really happy to see another inspiring individual like yourself around, adding to the atmosphere and community.

If you think it's not for you, it's not a problem at all, but I will wish you lots of luck, and best wishes for the coming New Year.

Take care, and have a great day.

Regards Boss

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