WeightWatchers Week 1

Friday, January 18, 2008

I just logged on to my weightwatchers account... I joined in 2003 when I was still on a high after keeping off 2stone 4lbs so far(I had gained a little back and was trying to get rid of those 8lbs).

When I saw my recorded current weight(in 2003), I was shocked! LOL! It's exactly 1stone 1lb(15lbs) lighter than my current weight right now.

So I guess I was correct in saying I wanted to lose 20lbs... It really is bad when you don't weigh yourself for ages and just assume you weigh the same because all your clothes fit the same... that is nonsense! My clothes fit the sam because some of them stretched to accomodate me OR because I slowly got used to the new snugness and thought, "That's how it's always fit me".

I know I exercise often and eat healthy at least 60% of the time but I just knew I was not doing enough when my body just didn't look like I wanted it to... I obviously know I am not "fat", as people have pointed out to me, but at the same time: I am not how I want to be.

So... I'll be here to share my weightloss with you... the UPS and the DOWNS,... because I know there will be some weeks where I will lose 0 to 1lbs... I promise myself now that I won't feel down if that happens.. it's happened before and it will happen again.

I am on the points plan and I am allowed 20 points a day... I am allowed to save up to 4 points a day to use for a treat during the weekend. Trust me... no treats during my first week. Next weekend, I am going out to eat with friends so this will help next week... although I wil still eat very very healthy!

Oh, By The Way... I AM EXCITED!!!! LOL!

I took some BEFORE pictures of me in a skirt I used to wear wayyy back in 2003/2004(1-2 years after WW), it's sooo tight, I can't even zip up the skirt!!!

When I can fit into this skirt... I'll take pictures... let's see how long that'll take!


Bran Flakes(40g), Semi Skimmed Milk(1/4 pint), Small Glass of Pineapple Juice
Points: 3.5

2 Slices(1 slice was the thick top slice) of Wholemeal Bread(2.5 pts.), 2 Eggs - only one yolk(1.5 + 0 pts.), 1tsp of Honey(0.5 pt.), 1 Tomato(0pts)
Points: 3.5

**I made my "weightwatchers stew" - LOL! I took the skin off a pack of chicken thighs before cooking.. seasoned nicely, there are no points in spices. Then I poured a can of chopped tomatoes when the chicken was almost done and let it all cook together)**

One skinless chicken thigh(3 pts)
Chopped Tomatoes(0 pts)
Couscous(3 pts) cooked in the chicken stock(made it yummy!)
Mixed Vegetables(.5 pts)
Sprouts(0 pts)
Points: 6.5 maybe 7 because I might have measured the couscous portion wrong.

No exercise today: 0
Banana(before Lunch):
1.5 points

Orange: 0.5pts

Apple: 0.5pts
Orange: 0.5 pts

Total Points on Day 1: 17 pts, I will say 18 to make room for any errors made while measuring.

OOPS... I think I had at least 5 points of Oatmeal because a heaped tablespoon of dry oat is 1.5. I had between 3 and 4 tbsps. Thank God I am running today, this will help me take off some points... Just got back from a 47minute hilly run...

Oats, 1/3 pint semi skimmed milk, One apple (grated over the oats)
Points: 7!

**Because I overdid it with my breakfast... I'll have to have a low point lunch. I know eggwhites have 0 points so I will repeat what I had for lunch yesterday but no egg yolk**
2 slices of wholemeal bread(2 points), 2 egg whites(0 points), 1 tomato(0 points), 1 tsp Honey(0.5pts), small glass of pineapple juice(0.5pts)
Points: 3

Medium portion of pasta(2 pts), 130g drained tuna in brine(2 pts), Mixed Veg and Sprouts(0.5 pts): You won't believe how much my dinner looked... the vegetables and tuna bulked up my dinner... the pasta looked so tiny before I mixed everything up... :-)
Total: 4.5

Activity points from running: 2.5pts - this means I get to take off 2.5pts from my total point intake today! :-)
Banana(after my run): 1.5pts
Apple: 0.5 pts
1 pot of weightwatchers yoghurt: 1 pt
Grapes(Large portion): 2 pts (I haven't had these yet but I am trying to get up to my daily points allowance... so I'll eat them when I am watching TV later)

Total points: 19.5 points(I ran so it's actually 19.5 - 2.5 = 17.5 points). Why am I finding it so hard to use up my points????

Day 3
1/3 pint semi-skimmed milk(1.5pts), branflakes(1.5pts),100ml of pineapple juice(0.5pts)
Points: 3.5

2 slices of wholemeal bread + Honey... Sweetcorn and cherry tomatoes in a bowl.
Points: 3.5

Couscous, Chicken and WW Stew with Brussel Sprouts.
Points: I'll say 7... I think it's 6 but to be safe... 7

Activity points from TaeBo(Basic) workout for 30 minutes: 1.5points(I think it should be 2 but just to be on the safe side...I'll stick to 1.5)
Banana(it was huge!): 2 points
Pot of weightwatchers yoghurt: 1 point
An apple: 0.5 points
A carrot: 0 points
Orange and Grapes: 1 point

Total points: 18.5..(minus activity points: 1.5) = 17...

Day 4
1/3 pint semi-skimmed milk(1.5pts), branflakes(1.5pts) with grapes on top(0.5pts),100ml of pineapple juice(0.5pts)
Points: 4

Sandwich: 2 slices of bread(2 pts), Tuna(2 pts), Sweetcorn(1 point)
Total: 5 points

Omelette: 2 Eggs, only one white(1.5 pts), Mixed Vegetables, large portion(1 pt), 2 Quorn sausages, cut up and mixed with the egg(2 pts), 1/3 pint of milk(1.5 pts)

Points: 6

I am not working out today... so no activity points for me today. I'm working on saving up points for dinner this weekend... I'm going out to eat on Saturday and I will be good but I can't be too good so I'll make sure I have enough points to make up for it...
2 Carrots(0 pts)
2 Oranges, one after Lunch, one after Dinner (0.5 pt)
Banana, before dinner (1.5 pts)

Total points: 17 ...Carry-over points: 20-17= 3


*Gosh I can't help it...I am into bran flakes now! LOL!*
Branflakes, Milk and a glass of Juice
Points: 3.5

Sandwich: Wholemeal Roll, Chicken and 4 Cherry Tomatoes. 1 tub of WW yoghurt
Points: 6

Potatoes stir fried(with low calorie spray) in chopped tomatoes, mixed vegetables, mushrooms and chicken - I still can't get over how huge my meals look now.. even though I only used 4 small potatoes! So much veg! Love it!
Half a small glass of orange juice
Points: 7.5

Taebo(Ouch, Abs and Glutes... ouchhh) - Activity points: 1.5
2 Satsumas: 0.5 points

I packet of Quavers: 1.5 points

Total points: 19 minus 1.5 activity points: 17.5 points

Carry-over points: 20-17.5 = 2.5pts

Day 6
**I feel the need to explain why I keep having bran flakes... I can have what appears to be more for less points than if I have oats or muesli. One medium bowl of muesli is 2.5 points... do you know what medium is? 2 and a half tablespoons of muesli! I know it soaks up milk and is more than that but that's not enough for me! I want a regular looking breakfast! LOL!**
Branflakes, Milk and Orange Juice
Points: 3.5

Wholemeal roll, eggs(one white), tomatoes and honey.
Points: 4.5

1 plantain(1.5 points, 2 points to be safe), Chicken in WW stew(3.5 points), Mixed Veg(1 pt)
Points: 6.5

No running... got home too late
2 clementines: 0.5 points
A banana: 1.5 points
2 Nectarines: 1 point

Total: 17.5 points. LOL! This is hilarious! I am being too careful! Gosh I still have to work on eating more! If I had gone running today, I'd have had even less points!
Carry-over points: 2.5points

Day 7
Weigh in day...
Week one's weight loss: 2lbs
**I am going to buy a scale to weigh my food... so I can be really accurate. I might be undermeasuring my portions...**

Branflakes, milk and OJ
Points: 3.5

One can of tuna in a brown roll and a tub of ww yoghurt
Points: 5.5

Chicken Salad
Points: 6

25 minute run - Activity Points: 1.5
A nectarine and a clementine: 0.5 points

2 nectarines: 0.5 pts
2 clementines: 0.5 pts
1 tube of WW caramints: 1 pt

Total points: 17.5 points minus 1.5 activity points: 16
Carry-over pts: 4... I'll say 3


kemi said...

Maybe I should join you guys with this weight watchers thing :) I have been off track, have been sick on and off and lazy too!!! My exercise routine is not bad- i'm getting back to it, but my eating sucks! LB how are you doing? Wishing you a happy new year!

LondonBuki said...

Happy New year to you too!!

Yeahhhhh!!!! Join!!!!

Hope you feel better!

Vickii said...

We're going to end this year feeling fabulous about our bodies adn fitness! It's good that you're doing it too because I can get recipe ideas, and be motivated because you are.

Did you put honey in your egg sandwich on day 1? I have 19 points but I usually eat all my points, I need to start saving during the week so I can have a few more points at the weekend.

Good luck to us oh!

And Kemi join ww, you won't regret it!

LondonBuki said...

YES WE WILL Vickii! :-)

Make sure you tell me any interesting recipes o... we could get bored doing the same thing everyday...

Yes I spread the honey on the bread before adding the eggs and tomato. It was yummy! I have always loved honey on bread :-)

I think eating eggwhites and all those 0 point vegetables will be an easy way to save points each day...

Yeah Kemi JOIN!!!

kuesooM said...

Hmm...interesting, can't wait to see if this thing really works..

Your pics made me smile..I have an old skirt from back when I was my ideal weight, and lets just say, I think it shrunk in the wash!

All the best to you guys!

LondonBuki said...

Ofcourse it'll work! LOL!

Seriously, I lost 40 pounds with this years ago and then I wasn't even exercising... I managed t keep half of that weight off over the years :-)

LOL! That's a nice one - the skirt shrunk in the wash! LOL!!!

Thank you and come back soon :-)

Waffarian said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH! These babes, una don start again! Buki and Vicki! haba! I no go do weight watchers cos if you see the women for my own center...you go understand, but i go eat healthy sha. Okay, today, I had whole grain cous cous, feta cheese amd two fried eggs and geen tea for lunch. No dinner yet. I'll be checking in from time to time oh! Una do well!

Vickii said...

Buki, are you still not eating all your points? How are you managing that?

I went over by 6 and a half points yesterday but I'll make it up today and tomorrow. I've saved 4 points today and I'll make up the rest tomorrow. I'm quite excited about weigh day on Wednesday!

Abimars said...

Just saw the pic and believe me if my tummy was like that I'd be content, lol, hows it going with the tae bo? I'm still on the beginners for taebo live 5 and its killing me, I sweat buckets, I attempted the taebo abs and glutes dvd over the weekend and couldn't do more than 5 minutes. Good luck with WW

LondonBuki said...

Hey Waffy! Happy New Year!!!! You alredy eat well so check in once in a while and give us meal ideas :-)

Vickii... I don't know o. Yesterday I used up almost everything but I had to take off my activity points. I think I will have to work on adding a little extra to my lunch and dinner but honestly I am always full when I eat cos I know how to bulk up my food with veg and 0 point stuff, unconsciously. IT's good practise for me to save for this weekend but I will definitely work on taking in my 20 points each day when I have nothing to save up for.

Me too! I am excited about Thursday's weigh in... what if I don't lose weight? I'll scream! LOL!!!!

LondonBuki said...

Hi Abimars... LOL! The funny thing is I know what you mean about my tummy. Don't mind me jare, it's cos I know it can be smaller and I am not happy I am too big for some of my clothes...

I did the Taebo beginners on Sunday and I barely got through it! It was fun though... I want to try the advanced tomorrow...? Or maybe the Abs and Glutes... I am scared it will be hard after what you said! LOL!!!!

Thanks and I'll be checking in on your progress :-)

bibi said...

i also started my lose 20 pounds b4 feb ending on sat..
i love food so much so i dont thnk i can do the eat healthy thingy.. but at least no soda and i take only fruits at night.. morning i take oat meal and lunch rice, fish and veggies... thats wat ive been doing since saturday..
well i work out virgorously.. everyday
i spend at least 30 mins on the threadmill, 10 mins on the bike, like 15 mins on the elliptical trainner, like 30 situps and then stuffs, crunches..etc and i do 1 hr aerobics.. yoga, taebo, belly dancing, high and low impact..
wel as at yest i lost 1 pound already and i seem to have lost some fat round my belly...
i would be around ur blog more often...
we shall get there babes..amen

Calabar Gal said...

All this talk about food I cant have .........(Loud Scream!)

I know you guys will say join WW instead..... LOL!!

La Reine said...

Happy New Year!

..I have been here before, I can remember that.

Could luck with everything, I for one think I'd need a trainer or at least and exercise buddy before I'd work out!

Take care

kemi said...

Buki, well done o! I need some serious motivation up in here!!!! Lol :)

Anonymous said...

Well done Buki, am joining Weight Watchers too and intend to loose 40 pounds by May......I will start a blog and hope you don't mind if I link here

LondonBuki said...

@CG YEAHHH!!! Just join weighwatchers and stop restricting yourself jare! LOL!!!!

@LaReine Thanks :-)

@Kemi Join WW and be coming here as often as you can to share your progress.
Thank you :-)

@Anon No problem! Please let me know when you start your blog :-)
40lbs by May... I hope you mean the end of May... then that's a good goal :-)

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