WW 11 & Back to Everything else

Saturday, March 29, 2008

My first 10 weeks of WW were very detailed... from now on, I'll just share my weight on Thursdays to show how well I am doing at maintaining my weight... :-)

Friday was good.. :-)
Saturday... went for the Ally Pally/Muswell Hill with Vickii today, I introduced her to my hilly route :-) SURPRISINGLY we did it in 57/58 minutes! Do you know what that means? That I've been running it slower than I really can because I wasn't even struggling while we were running today... Vickii's suggested we run this route together once a month and we'll do our timed 10ks and other long runs in Regents Park once a week(when we can meet up).


calabar gal said...

This April, unfailingy, I must join u in WW too and i will be serious about it. LOL!!

kemi said...

Buki, hi how are you doing? Haven't been on your blog for a while, just saw this morning that your mummy passed. I pray that God comfort you through this trying time. I lost my mum a few years back and that was the saddest time of my life! God brought me comfort and lifted me up and I know He'll do the same for you. I still miss her everyday but alas... :) It is well. She is smiling and shining down on you from heaven. Take care luv. God bless you!!!

Ms zee said...

ok so i think i am going to join weight watchers, I have lost 7kg my goal is 10 but i gained 2 this past week due to work stress, i got tired of my job and quit now i have no clue what to do and No i dont want to go to Nija and have to spend 1 yr doing NYSC before i can work so i turned to food for comfort. B do you go to the physical meetings or do it online??


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