WeightWatchers Week 10

Friday, March 21, 2008


Well.... the work begins... I'm so close to the next step: maintaining my weight... watch this space ;-)

DAY 1(Friday)

Cereal, Milk and Juice
Points: 4.5

Ham Sandwich
Points: 5

Nando's Chicken, Chips and Corn

Points: 11

1hr 2 Minute Ally Pally/Muswell Hill run, Activity points: 3
WW Fruities: 0.5 pts
Orange: 1 pt
Apple: 0.5 pt

TOTAL: 22.5 - 3(activity points): 19.5 pts :-)

DAY 2(Saturday)
Stayed within my points allowance, didn't work out.

DAY 3(Sunday)
50 minutes of Taebo advanced on the Energise CD... wow! This was mega hard! The day I can do this without taking a breather, I'll know I am the epitome of fitness! Stayed within my points allowance.

DAY 4(Monday)
Ahhhhh.... beautiful day! Had a good breakfast and then used up 22 points for my lunch and dinner - jollof and fried rice(for lunch and dinner), chicken, meat, saki(tripe), vita malt, skinny cow smoothie ice-creams(amazingly only 1 point per ice cream, I had 2). It really feels good to relax and eat as I like once in a while :-)
I'm back on track today(tuesday).

DAY 5(Tuesday)
Cereal, milk and juice
Points: 4.5

Potato, mixed veg, prawns and chicken
Pouits: 5

Egg and Tomato sandwich
Points: 4.5

Banana: 1.5 pt
Pear: 0.5 pt
Clementines: 1 pt

DAY 6(Wednesday)
Good day, very similar to yesterday... Had a ham sandwich instead... then a cookie and yoghurt after 9pm cos i was feeling peckish.

DAY 7(Thursday)
Lost 1lb... total weight loss is 13lbs. I am officially going to start maintaining my weight! Yay!!!! :-)

Very interesting because I ate like a greedy goat on Monday at my friend's and I had Nandos on Friday...
Well to celebrate my weight loss today, I had: 2 finger sized spring rolls as my 'dessert' after my home cooked lunch... what a dry way to celebrate. But hopefully I should be taking a friend out to eat at this restaurant I love - Busaba - on Sunday :-)

Food is same as yesterday(ish)
Went for a 25 minute run this morning... thank God Vickii called me, I had already hit my snooze button once.


Abimars said...

Happy Easter

Calabar Gal said...

Happy Easter you too.

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