I'm back...(ish)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mummy will always be with me... May her soul rest in perfect peace... I'll keep Mummy's memories alive for as long as I am able to... Beautiful woman.

So... what's happening with me..?
1. Since Mummy passed away over 3 weeks ago, I haven't gone running.... haven't felt strong enough. I went to play squash with my friends on SATURDAY and I am STILL aching... that's how weak I am.
2. I set up a fundraising page(widget's on my left sidebar) for my next run(Monday 26th May):
3. I will slowly ease back into running and taebo... maybe once this week(and also play squash)... depending on how I feel after, I'll run at least 2ce next week.

I hope everyone's doing okay...


kuesooM said...

Take it easy girl......just make sure u r eating and taking care of yourself.

Abimars said...

So great to see your post and hear how you've been doing, Mummy will definitely always be with you.

I'm doing good, two weeks to go with my program but I'm not too happy with the weight loss so far.

Take care of you


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