Monday, April 28, 2008

On Saturday, I went for a 50 minute run with Vickii and her sister... surprisingly it wasn't too bad.... UNTIL my body started aching ALL OVER later that day and night!
On Sunday, I played squash(yes a new sport I've definitely picked up thanks to my friend) for 40 minutes and yay! My shoulder doesn't hurt today like it did last week :-)

So... I'll try to run 2ce Mon-Fri, definitely run in the park with Vickii on Saturday and definitely play squash on Sunday.

Thanks Kuesoom, I am eating well... I can't believe I have to make an effort to eat well but I am eating well :-) My sister told me have to be at least 150lbs before she sees me in June(lol)... well I am 150/151lbs :-)

Abi.. thank you too :-)

I'm almost back... still wish my Mummy got better and didn't pass away but coping with reality...


Anonymous said...

if that is your picture, you cant possibly be 150 pounds...

I'm a gym freak so nice meeting you. :)

Hair Azara said...

first time coming on your blog and I have to say you are such a positive person. Best of lucks with everything.

Calabar Gal said...

*Knock, Knock*
Hello! Hello!!
Anybody Home?

Showa OK?

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