Sunday, May 25, 2008

I am running the London 10k for a charity tomorrow and this is the 'interesting' jersey they gave me to run in.
Running is a hobby of mine and I believe when taking part in MY hobby, I should look good.... right? I don't think that will be happening tomorrow... I mean... just look at the top!

I decided to see how it'd look if fitted and this is it, not much of a difference but I look like a woman. I think people in aeroplanes tomorrow will see me from thousands of feet up in the sky:

Maybe there's a reason for this top... to make sure we run quickly so that no one sees us wearing them... Okay, enough! I'll stop there... lol!

Race is tomorrow... I am just going to spend the whole of today indoors in bed, catching up on shows, etc and the weather's not that nice either...

I'm 152lbs now... 1-2lbs to go... lol.

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