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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I'll be taking part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon on the 11th of October.

Can I run a half marathon tomorrow? Yes, probably... I think so ;-)
Can I run a half marathon in less than 2 hours 10 minutes tomorrow? NOPE!

Yikes!!!! 10 minute miles consistently is the safest guaranty for 2hrs 10min, I better get my act together!

I haven't seriously trained (for my race) this time round..
BUT I've been going to the gym an average of 5 times a week and I know I am stronger and fitter. My endurance is most probably much improved BUT I can't take the risk of not training specifically for my race. So... I kinda started this week:

Monday - Ran from home to Camden Town tube station (5.5 miles), then did a 1 hour class @ the gym
Tuesday: Usual class
Wed: Usual evening class
Thurs: 20 minute tempo or interval run on the treadmill before my class @ the gym
Fri: Run from home to the gym... 7.7 miles (good luck me!)

Next week will be the same but on Friday, I might cycle 10k (at the gym) after my 7.7 mile run. Same thing as week after. Then I'll take it easy with the long runs and hopefully be race ready on the 11th of October.


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