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Monday, July 13, 2009

2 interval runs this week

It's easy to get lazy and forget to do these interval runs but because I plan to document my progress here, I HAVE to do them....

Monday - Planned to get to the gym before 7 today, I unfortunately got in at 7.10, didn't get on the treadmill till 7.15ish! I was on it for 20 minutes, 4 minute warm up and 16 minutes of interval training (1 minute very light jog @ 8km/hr and 1 minute run @ 12km/hr). Got into my 7.30 class almost 10 minutes late and dripping with sweat, just how I like it ;-) LOL!!!

No interval run on Tuesday (I'll probably do some other form of cardio tomorrow), but I think I'll do it on Wednesday before an outdoor class I usually go to on Wednesdays.

Wednesday -


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