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Friday, August 18, 2006

training runs kick off on Monday
21 August with a weekly timetable including Battersea Park, Clapham Common, Finsbury Park, Highbury Fields, Hyde Park, Regent's Park, Richmond Park and Victoria Park.

This isn't open to registered RunLondon runners ONLY, in their own words: "You can even bring your friends who haven't signed up to Run London to take part free".

So what are you waiting for?!?!? If you are interested in getting FREE Running Advice, come along.

Just in case you didn't know, I am running for NORTH LONDON!!!

I'm not sure if you have to go with a registered runner but I'll let you know after my first training run (5k) on Tuesday.

P.S. I have taken up skipping, just once a week. So tonight, while I am watching Big Brother's FINAL, I will be skipping away :-)

HAVE A NICE WEEKEND, I'm going running tomorrow morning. Sometime next week, I will put up my running times so far to show my progress.


Soul said...

Hey Buki, hope everything is okay.
I wonder if you've ever experienced itchy legs whilst jogging.
Here's some more detail.
I tend to jog on grass in a park, and the first 15 minutes is okay, then after that, my legs start itching, it usually starts on my legs and then spreads to my thighs and then my stomach or the waste band of my shorts. (which are very loose anyway)..

Once it starts, I have to stop jogging and rub my legs down. It is possible to keep jogging.
After I have rubbed down my legs for a few minutes the feeling subsides, but I dare not start jogging againg as it just gets worse.

has this ever happened to you? or anyone you know.
I'm going to ask everyone I know about this, I just thought you might have come across it.

Also, now that the weather is changing, what will you do in place of jogging when the cold weather hits.

LondonBuki said...

Hey Soul... Hope you're ok and your jogging's going good :-)

I know exactly what you mean. Thinking about it, the last time it happened to me was when I just started getting into the jogging routine in April. I searched on the net when it happened to me and I found out it is caused by a long period of inactivity. And to rip off what the guy said:

"The itching is not on
the skin, it's inside the actual limbs. There are millions of tiny capillaries and arteries inside
our muscles which expand rapidly due to the demand for more blood that is brought on by exercise.
When fit, these capillaries remain open allowing maximum blood passage, but when unfit and inactive
they tend to collapse, allowing only minimal blood passage (which is sufficient for a sedentary
person however). The rapid expansion of these vessels causes adjacent nerves to send impulses back
to the brain which are interpreted as an itch. That's why after a few sessions the sensation tends
to go away. Just another indication of increasing fitness levels."

I hope this helps cos now I don't feel the itchiness anymore and I'm guessing it's cos I have been jogging for a while now, consistently.

About jogging in the cold weather, I'll just wear tracksuit bottoms instead of the shorts I jog with now cos I first started jogging when it was still a bit cold. The first 5 or so minutes are chilly but you warm up really quickly and you forget about the cold.

Soul said...

thanks buki!.
that helps a lot and explains a heck of a lot. Cos when i started jogging in the small park, I didn't have any problems.
Now that I've increased my time and moved to jogging in the bigger park, I have slacked off a bit with regards to the number of days I actually go jogging.

I'll try to step up again and see what happens.
thanks for looking out :)

Looking forward to seeing you post your lap times

LondonBuki said...

You're welcome :-) Good Luck.

I will post the times today or tomorrow.

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