Wednesday, August 16, 2006

So... I went for training yesterday. I pushed myself a bit harder cos I ate like a P-I-G during the weekend.

This is the normal routine:

  1. Warm up (6 different ones)
  2. Step Ups (We did 240 yesterday)
  3. Push Aways (50 +)
  4. Strides - Running 70-80m, then walking back 6 times. Increasing the spend each time so the last one is really fast.
  5. 400m lap (4 times) in good time, my time's improved my about 20 seconds OR 200m lap (4times) at an even faster pace (obviously).
  6. Warm Down

So... yesterday we did the 200m laps and I was feeling like a sprinter, by the last time, I had to stop almost at the finish line cos I felt something pull in my a** region, I have

a** muscles now :-)... Seriously though, the pain wasn't funny.

I woke up this morning and felt some pain in my groin as well.



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