Training Times So Far

Monday, August 21, 2006

I am a frequent jogger but I am working on improving my stamina and PACE.

I started going for training sessions twice a week and I have already noticed a difference in my breathing, fitness and stamina.


The following was done everyday before the 200m/400m runs/jogs:

1. Warm up (6 different ones)
2. Step Ups (We did 240 yesterday)
3. Push Aways (50 +)
4. Strides - Running 70-80m, then walking back 6 times. Increasing the speed each time so the last one is really fast.

Week 1
Day 1(2 x 400m): 2min 06s, 2min 02s

Week 2
Day 1(3 x 400m): 2min 06s, 2min 00s, 1min 48s
Day 2(3 x 400m): 1min 48s, 1min 48 s, 1min 45.5s

Week 3
Day 1(4 x 400m): 1min 43s, 1min 43s, 1min 45s, 1min 46s
Day 2(3 x 400m): 1min 42s, 1min 41s, 1min 41s

Week 4
Day 1(3 x 200m): 46s, 40s, 47s
Day 2(3 x 400m): 1min 38s, 1min 42s, 1min 40s

Week 5
Day 1(3 x 200m): 38s, 37s, 40s
Day 2: Light exercises cos I pulled some muscles :-(

Tomorrow is my first RunLondon training run and our times are going to be recorded to track our progress :-)

I will post my LONG (4k and above) jog times another time.


Soul said...

is it possible to post your warm ups as well. (I feel they are the most important thing)
I tend to start with a few stretches and then a brisk 10minutes walking to the park, when I get there I stretch my legs again, quickly and then start jogging.

what are step ups (I know this sounds funny but I truly don't know what you mean)
what are push aways (as above, I would like to know what they are)

Thankfully, I know what strides are (I was starting to feel a lil 'special') lol

I like the way you can see a gradual decrease in time.
Well done Buki (really) and keep going on.. I'm cheering you on :)

LondonBuki said...
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LondonBuki said...

Hi Soul, I will put up a post about the 6-8 warm ups, describing them.

Step Ups are Getting a Step, or finding something similar and stepping up and down (Ever been for a step aerobic class before?). Remember to keep your back straight and look straight ahead.

Push Aways - Find a fence (strong one please) that is shoulder height. Stand around 2-3 feet away from it. Fall forward (remember to keep your back straight) and when you are just about to hit the fence stop yourself with your hands and push away back to standing position. This is good for your upper arms and shoulders.

Note the Push Aways and Step Ups aren't warm ups, they are exercises. Stronger arms helps build a more effective running technique.

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