Thursday, August 24, 2006

I am feeling a bit ill so I will try my best to put everything up and make sense. If it doesn't make sense, forgive me. I just made an entry in another blog and now I wanna lay down and rest my head.

I couldn't even go jogging this morning cos I couldn't get out of bed earlier. I can't go now cos I still feel weak... but I have a few things to do today so I have no choice but to get ready and get out of the house.

Enough of feeling sorry for myself. LOL!

I mentioned that I do about SIX warm-ups before my training but didn't describe them.

Short description of Warm Ups:

  1. Jogging on toes - Take little steps and make sure your trainers don't make any sound against the ground, if you are warming up on hard ground. Do this 70m and back.
  2. Knee lifts - Move forward as you do this. Keep your back straight, 70m and back.
  3. Start with a knee lift, when your knee is raised to waist level, keeping it at that level, rotate your your leg outward and then back on the floor. Alternate between your two legs. Move forward with this and do it 70m and back.
  4. Same as Number 3 but rotating your legs inward. Lift your knee facing outward, rotate inward then back on the floor. Alternate, 70m and back.
  5. Jog backwards 70m and back. Do not look back. Back straight and facing forward.
  6. Jog on toes again.
  7. Horse trot - I really cannot exlplain this. Just imagine how a horse lifts its knees and then scrapes its hoof on the ground instead of just dropping it back on the floor. I will look for a video representation of this and get back to you.
  8. Knee Lifts at a fast pace, moving forward but with little steps. 70m and back.

I'm always talking about exercising but it won't really help if you are eating burgers (boga, like some people say, LOL!), fast food, fattening food 24/7. You have to balance it all out.
Once in a while I will talk about my eating habits. I was once overweight, I joined WeightWatchers a few years ago and I lost over 40 pounds. I am really proud of that and WeightWatchers really helped me change my eating habits and I still apply them now, not all the time though ;-).

My excuse today is that I am ill so I think I have written more than I planned to, another day then :-)


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