Hills? Mountains? Bring It On!!!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

I went jogging this morning and I am happy to say I AM BACK in action... LOL!!!

I ran slowly the first time round the park, when my body familiarised itself with the route - hills and all - I was able to increase my pace a teeny weeny bit the second time round. Third time round, my friend and I almost collapsed cos we followed a different route and there was a sudden 45 degree incline, I thought I was gonna roll back! I have to confess I walked for about a minute because there was no way I could jog all the way up!

We jogged for 44 minutes today. The distance? I don't know because my stupid Pedometer decided to malfunction and it stopped at 29 minutes!!! The dumb thing said we had burned only 256 calories in 29 minutes = WRONG!!! Because it did not take the MOUNTAINS we had to climb (LOL!) into consideration!

Have a nice weekend all :-)


imoted said...

I'm actually getting into the running thing too. I used to go on the treadmill but its boring. So now I go jogging outside then finish up in the gym- try to get a cross training thing going.. lol.Its hard at the beginning - have to do a mixture of walking and jogging.

LondonBuki said...

I have been running since April so I will call myself an Intermediate :-)

I know!!! Treadmills are so so boring!

The mixture of jogging and walking, done the right way, helps build fitness, I am proof :-)

Check this(April) and this(May) out to help with getting into the routine. It helped me :-)

Good Luck and Well Done.

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