Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I got the training plan in my inbox for the RunLondon race. I don't think I mentioned this already but I hated the training run organised by Run London! Not because I was ill that day! The only good thing was we were given the opportunity to test drive/run a pair of Nike running shoes :-)
Everything else was DRY! We just got there and ran and went home. No interaction whatsoever! So I am going to train with my running partner and not interfere with my schedule.

The first week of the training is as follows:

Day 1. 20 minutes easy runs with hills
Day 2. Rest
Day 3. 30 minutes easy run.
Day 4. 20 minute run consisting of 10x reps of 1 minute hard running, 1 minute walk/jog
Day 5. 20 minutes easy run with hills.
Day 6. Rest
Day 7. 45 minute easy run.

I am not following this exactly because I have been training. What I will do is mix it all up and hope I get good results.

Have a nice week all.

P.S. Hot Chocolate from Vending Machines never agrees with my stomach but I insist on drinking it! Right now, I am so bloated, I feel like I am going to float up into the sky! :-(


Onada said...

lol so why did you get the hot chocolate hahaha!! pele and goodluck with the training. i'm still trying to get off my lazy ass!

LondonBuki said...

Don't mind me oh, the office was a bit chilly so I wanted to warm up.

Thanks and try to get into training... have you tried skipping yet?

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