2 weeks To Go...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

By this time in 2 weeks, Run London 2006 will be over and I'd have finished in as close to 50 minutes as possible.

This week went ok. Monday was good, Tuesday, I think we ran for about 30 minutes... I cannot remember! What's Up with my memory? Thursday, after warm-ups, step-ups and push aways, we went into the gym and I spent ONLY THREE minutes on the rower and my legs were burning!!! It proves that my muscles are developed in some areas and my stamina as well... In other areas, there's a lotta room for improvement. So, at least once week, I will slowly improve my time on the rower and the stepper.

Saturday was a similar run to last week Saturday, I think my pace was a little quicker and I sprinted the last 300m... it felt good.

Plan for this coming week is as follows:

  • Monday - 3 minutes hard running, 3 miutes jog x 4. Jog 10 minutes before and after session.
  • Tuesday - 45 minute easy run.
  • Thursday - Training.
  • Saturday - Jog Round the park for 60 minutes.


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