Monday's Fartlek LOL!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My friend has nicknamed me "Coach Buki" because I am eager! LOL!!! I emailed her yesterday detailing what we would do tomorrow i.e. 3min run, 3min rest 4 times with 10 minute jogging at the start and at the end.

I crack myself up!!! Cos I thought it'd be easy... It WASN'T...

  • After the first 3 minutes - I actuall felt like going home to SLEEP
  • 2nd set - Was HARD
  • 3rd set - Was HARDER! I actually thought I won't be able to do the fourth and final one.
  • 4th set - I just about managed it!

This evening is gonna be a 45 minute EASY run...

**HEALTHY STUFF - Green Tea is Good for You**


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