8 Days To Go...

Saturday, September 30, 2006

The 10k Run London Race in 8 days... at 12.45 on the 8th of October, the race will have started...

Am I Ready?


I just got back from an hour long Run round the park... 4 times. I am tired, now I have to go and wash my hair, eat a BIG brekkie and go and see my Mummy.

While I was listening to Shina, I was flying... LOL!!!

I really have to sit down and plan the music that'll be playing on my MP3 player at different stages of the race... One thing I know for sure is... Shina's "E jawo l'apon ti o yo" is gonna take me to the finish line... seriously, I feel so charged when I am listening to it.

Next week, we are going jogging only ONCE (max. 2ce) and it will be an easy jog... I need to be full of energy for the race.

Have a nice weekend!!!


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