I Feel Good :-)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

This week has been different, after my training(fartlek) on Monday, I pulled a muscle and I was left "injured" for most of the week.

On Thursday, someone threw himself on front of a train AFTER KILLING HIS estranged girlfriend/partner so I was stuck outside London for too long so I missed my 45 minute easy run on. My muscles needed the extra couple of days rest so I went jogging today.

We jogged round the park a few times today... it was challenging. In my friend's words,"It was more slopes and hills than level ground". I felt really good during the run cos I noticed my breathing was on point, I was out of breath after each slope for less than a minute the got my rhythm back! I am definitely fitter than I was EVEN three weeks ago :-) My legs feel alright as well :-) We jogged for about 52 minutes.

So... next week the plan is to do is:

  • Monday - Reps fast for 4,3,2,1 minutes with 1 minutes rest between each rep.
  • Tuesday - 45 minute easy run.
  • Thursday - Training.
  • Saturday - Jog Round the park.

It's 2pm and I haven't eaten so... FOOD TIME!!!


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